The Crafty Maven Getaway Postcast

Can’t get enough of The Crafty Maven Getaway? Want to listen to us on your journey to work? Then our podcast is just the ticket. Click on the links below to be taken to Podbean, or check us out on subscribe on iTunes!

Episode 1: The Start of a New Journey (19 November 2015)
Join us for our first episode where Hannah Lemieux and Tanya Hubbard talk about what The Crafty Maven Getaway is all about and what our mission is. You’ll also get to know the hosts a little better.
Hosts: Hannah Lemieux & Tanya Hubbard

Episode 2: Tackling the Random Embellishment (4 December 2015)
It seems lately we have been seeing a lot of random embellishments, or embellishments that are harder to use because on a project without a specific purpose. In this episode the discussion focuses on what makes an embellishment random, and what are the hardest embellishments to use. How demographics, like where we live effects an embellishment and it’s randomness. We also talk about how we overcome or use these embellishment pieces, and embrace the random.
Hosts: Hannah Lemieux & Tanya Hubbard Special Guests: Lisa Heroux

Episode 3: Hang On To That Lovin’ Feeling! It’s the December Daily Episode! (16 December 2015)
It’s December, and that means December Daily! In this episode we chat about whether we pre-plan, prompts, our favourite holiday products. We also talk a little about what happens when your holiday season doesn’t go as planned or you hit that December Daily wall.
Hosts: Hannah Lemieux Special Guests: Katty Miranda and Kelly Barron