Postcasts featuring the Crafty Maven Getaway

The Scrap Gals: Spotlight on Victoria Marie (Episode 79/3 August 2015)
“This week, we’re talking to the very delightful Victoria Marie. Victoria is a scrappy YouTuber, blogger and host of a fun Facebook group. She delighted us with her wit and wisdom and we think you’ll love her too!”

In this episode, Victoria talks a little about The Crafty Maven Getaway.

The Pink Camera: The Crafty Maven Founder (Episode 34/ 30 August 2015)
“Today, I’m talking to Hannah Lemieux.  Hannah has been on the show a few times before, but this time was even more special and important.  Hannah has started up a new YouTube Channel called The Crafty Maven Getaway.  This channel has grown leaps and bounds since it started back in July (of this year 2015.)”

Host Maggie Mylow talks to The Crafty Maven Getaway’s founder Hannah Lemieux, and discuss the channel and it’s goals.