SciFi Scrapper

Hi, I’m Emma Marie and I live in Surrey, England. I work as the Quality Assurance Officer for a small software company in the travel sector. I basically get to try to break things for a living, and I love it!

Growing up I always loved being creative. In my late teens and throughout my twenties this was in the area of web and graphic design as well as published media, but as I got older I moved away from that and into sewing and quilt making and now of course, scrapbooking.

Technically I started scrapbooking in 2007 – I kept a cinema journal which I filled with ticket stubs, stickers and journalling. However when I thought about this journal I never considered it to be scrapbooking, I suppose because that word wasn’t on my radar back then. I actively decided to start scrapping though back in 2012. The Olympics had just happened and I had a ton of photos. I decided I wanted to put them in an album with other pieces of memorabilia and went looking on YouTube for ideas! I fell right down into that rabbit hole and haven’t looked back since!

In addition to her work on the design team, Emma is also on the social media team and is responsible for Instagram, YouTube channel organisation and all non-blog aspects of the website.

Emma has been on The Crafty Maven Getaway design team since July 2015.

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