When Two Peas in a Bucket closed down last year the scrapbook community was devastated. Many great groups have pulled together to give us scrapbookers the things Two Peas had, but there was still was no one place to find all that inspiration for paper crafters at an easy click.

When I started thinking about creating this channel, I really wanted to create a place where many different styles and types of paper crafts could come together to help inspire us. YouTube is such a great tool that is near and dear to me, but it is so easy to be overwhelmed when you search a specific topic. Now with the help of The Crafty Maven Getaway, you can get to know different paper crafters in one easy place.

Using Two Peas as a model, I decided it would be fun to offer videos of different paper crafting themes every day. Even though Two Peas was my model I still wanted to add my own twist on it. I love inspiration. I love the visual inspiration to help spark me to create. I see many others who also work this way or others have a hard time using inspiration too.

The weekly inspiration pieces help tie the whole week together. It also helps us see how other scrappers can interpret inspiration and make layouts/paper crafts with that piece.

The word Maven means to understand, to know. As mavens in our craft, my hope is that we Crafty Mavens can help other scrapbookers and paper crafters learn to be the best they can be. To help the viewers take their love for paper crafting and use it as a catalyst to achieve their on a page or project.

I hope to create an inviting place where crafters can come and be comfortable and relaxed, like on a getaway. We want to help you be inspired and motivated, in an easy way, to get your stories and memories on to paper in your own way. Because ultimately this paper craft is about sharing our stories with the ones we love and care for.

– Hannah Lemeuix
October 2015