In Your Pocket Tuesday: (May 24) Banning Lane

Hello Crafty Mavens! Dannielle here today with you and I’m excited to share my spread.

When I sat down to work on my week 20 of Project Life®, the first thing I did was look at this weeks inspiration piece. I saw the pink flower and I knew instantly what cards I was going to use. I had a pink and green cards from my current Felicity Jane kit that reminded me so much of that flower. I was even more happy when I saw how well they went with my photos this week. It was just meant to be!! This spread came together really quick, and I love the way it turned out.

I try to approach each week of project life by documenting what things in my life are the same, and what things are different. I think it helps to tell a more complete story. Be sure to check out my process video to see how this layout came together!



You can find my process video below as well as my personal YouTube channel here.

Thanks for stopping by today!!


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