Scraplift Saturday: (May 21)Crafty Meggy and Felicia

Happy Saturday Everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. Today we have Crafty Meggy and Felicia with Scraplift Saturday

Here is the inspiration:13232890_130370664038861_5112826667322697493_n

Here is Felicia’s video:

Here is Felicia’s finished layout:


Here is Meggy’s video:

For this layout I was really inspired by the colors of the moodboard, I mean who isn’t?!! Blues and greens are two of my favorite colors to scrapbook with, especially since I have boys. I used this photo of my nephew becase his shirt color actually fit right in with the moodboard colors. I was also inspired by the image of thread spools in the mood board and had to include some in my layout in a few different places. I’m really happy with how this layout turned out! I hope you’ll enjoy the process video! – Megan

Here is meggy’s layout:


Some extra pictures:

Thanks for stopping by!! Come on over to our facebook group and share the layouts you make with our design teams inspiration!!


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