Mx it up Monday: (May 16) Hannah.

Hello Crafty Maven! I hope everyone week started out good. Today we have Hannah with some tips for an upcoming move or trip. I don’t want to think about moving my scrappy space when it comes time for my family to get orders again. Good luck with your move Hannah.

Mix It Up Monday May 16th Hannah packing for a trip or move

I wanted to share with you my box of scrappy goodness that I am packing and taking with me on my move. I am sharing some tips and things to think about when traveling with scrappy supplies.
Like are you going to be on a plane like I am? The pressure in the cabin can cause liquids to come out on their containers. If you bring inks or glues with you make sure you pack them in little baggies so they don’t get over your supplies.
Also don’t forget to pre-print some photos you want to bring with you. This will give you things to scrap as you are taking photos, of your trip.
I also have a bag of pre-cut silhouette cut files to use on layouts. I picked generic ones that could go with any of my photos.
Also don’t over pack either. Remember that you will probably scrap less than you intend too because of activities in your schedule, whether you are moving or on a longer vacation. Keep things simple.
Hope this is helpful!! Be sure to stay tuned for more updates on my scrappy supply list as I move.- Hannah-

Thank you all for stopping by the Crafty Maven Getaway today. If you’re not already a member of our Facebook group come on over and check it out! We’d love to see what you are making!


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