Free Flow Wednesday: (march 2) Lilith Eeckels


It’s Free Flow Wednesday and it’s all about the designers style. I love this day. I love seeing all the unique styles we have on this channel. I really think this is what makes this channel so awesome, the diversity.

This Free Flow Wednesday is going to be a special one!! Lilith Eeckels is joining us on The Crafty Maven Getaway with her own take on our mood board!! I hope this makes you just as excited as it does me!! Anytime I get to see a previous Garden Girl do her own thing, I love it. Today is no exception!! I love all the color Lilith used on her layout!! Here is a look at what she created.



And here are some close ups. I love all the simple details Lilith did on her layout, but it really makes it POP!!




I love that little clip, it’s so darling!!


Don’t forget to check out Lilith’s blog, and see the things she is creating over there. I love looking at her blog, there is so much there to feast on!!

Here is where you watch her video on our channel too.


If you visit Lilith’s blog you can get links to where you can find her all over social media!! also in the description of her video there are links where to find her as well.

I hope you you Crafty Mavens really enjoyed today! I would like to thanks Lilith for working with us to make this week even more special!! She is so talented and such an inspiration to this community, Her along with all the other Garden Girls have really inspired so any of us in this community as well. And I am loving where it has take us too. I can’t wait to see where this community will go to in the future with all the inspiration we have all over social media!!

Have an inspired day!! Enjoy ever moment whether you are creating or thinking of creating, or just spending your moments with the ones you love!!

Aloha, Hannah


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