Plan It Sunday (Feb 28) Tanya Hubbard




Aloha My scrappy friends!! If you haven’t seen it floating around social media, this week is a super special week on our channel. This week we are having a Throwback to Two Peas week. Two Peas is a big influence for the idea of this channel, great designers sharing inspiration everyday in one place. Many of us crafters and scrapbookers have been inspired and loved Two Peas and all they had to offer us. It was a sad day, when they closed down their doors.

I really want to take this week and reflect on all the amazing things Two Peas did for us. Each of the videos this week is inspired by the designers who have been on the Two Peas Youtube channel and design team. And there has been so many. We also can’t forget to mention the amazing community that surrounded Two Peas. It was a great place to hang out, share what you’re working on, and creating friendships.

On our Facebook group we will be sharing all the videos we are posting as well as questions geared towards The Two Peas. I will be having a few challenges to have some fun. We also have something special too, but I will wait to tell you about that!!

Also the inspiration Piece the design team is using this week is this..


Throwback to 2 peas inspiration

I am really loving the light and pastel colors for this board. I really tried to be inspired by the Two Peas channel when designing this board. I hope it inspires you.


Here is a look at Tanya’s planner spread.


Today for Plan It Sunday Tanya Hubbard is sharing her last post.  Here is what she has to say about her post. “I actually had such grand plans with my planner which just never came off; but in the process I did discover I like to do monthly reviews so I’m hoping to carry on doing these for the remainder of the year.”

You can watch Tanya’s video here.



You can see more process videos over at Tanya’s personal Youtube channel.  Tanya has so many amazing layouts!!

I hope you are excited about all that is going to be posted up on the Youtube channel this week!! I know we are!!

See you later !! Have an inspired day!!



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