Sunday January 31

Aloha Crafters!!

It’s the end of January!! Can you believe the first month of the year is all done? Have you been sticking with your crafty goals so far? I know I had to adjust my goals near the end of the month. I always think there is more time than month, and with getting settled in after the holidays I just had to refocus and be truthful about what I can do crafting wise and what I need to have on the back burner.

I love though that we can come to this one place to find inspiration when we need it, and boy have I needed it this week!! It has been nice to sit down with the Crafty Mavens and watch them create when I was to tired too, and then save some ideas for when I do have time to sit down and scrap at my desk!!

Here is the inspiration piece for this week.

February Inspiration 1

I love the rich colors of this piece!! And copper is becoming my fave metallic to play with lately.

I hope this piece inspires you this week. Also don’t forget to check in later and see what the Crafty Maven gals make with this piece.

Also, this is the last month for many of our Design Team, they have worked so hard and some of the ladies are taking some time to do some things on their own. I can’t wait to see what they create on their own channels. I am also excited about adding some new faces in the mix of this fun channel. I hope you are excited about this too. The new team will be announced on February 14th, just two weeks away. And the new teams starts the first week of March.

Also look forward soon, to some upcoming things we have planned for the end of February/ beginning of March too!! It’s going to be so much fun!!

Have a great week my crafty friends!! I look forward to seeing you throughout the week!!

Aloha, Hannah



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