Spotlight Sunday: Nicole Mackin

Nicole Mackin is up on the Crafty Maven Getaway for the Sunday, December 27 Spotlight video.  Nicole is a delightful member of the Crafty Maven team and in her video she describes her scrappy style, history and craft space.

Nicole and her husband and two daughters live in the country in the state of Nebraska; they are big Corn Husker fans (their college team).  Nicole grew up in Nebraska and loves her home state.  Her genuine and sweet demeanor are clearly evident as she shares about her family and her home.

Nicole started to journal and capture memories as a young girl.  She and her mom loved to scrap together and Nicole cherishes all of those memories and little details she has documented over the years.  Sadly, Nicole and her husband both lost their parents within a very short period of time and so the memories captured became even more special and cherished.

Nicole loves to try lots of different scrappy styles; she loves to layer, try vintage looks, and create some sparkle in her layouts.  She loves to scrap lift from magazines or from YouTube videos and she contributed to an episode of The Scrap Gals Podcast on this topic.

Nicole finishes up her video by taking us on a tour of her amazing scrap space.  Wow, it’s awesome!!  Thanks for sharing that Nicole!  One of the things on my to-do list in the new year is to make my craft room more organized, so I loved the craft room share.

Below is the link to the Spotlight video and to Nicole’s YouTube channel and some examples of her projects on the Crafty Maven channel.

Nicole’s channel on YouTube:





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