Spotlight Sunday: Emma (SciFi Scrapper)

Our Spotlight Sunday for November 22 is Emma (SciFi Scrapper).  Emma is a delightful member of the Crafty Maven Getaway and a self-proclaimed type “A” personality from England.  Emma works in the tourism industry as her day job, but loves her crafty hobbies after hours.  She started scrap booking in 2010 by collecting and organizing memorabilia and her hobby has grown and evolved from there.  One thing Emma really enjoys at the present is pocket scrap booking.  The link to Emma’s Spotlight video is below, followed by some samples of her layouts on the Crafty Maven Getaway.  You can find Emma’s YouTube channel by searching SciFi Scrapper, or by clicking this link:



Thanks Emma for telling us more about yourself!!  You have a great sense of humor and your fun personality is evident in your layouts! We look forward to seeing more of your projects in future videos!  Thanks for sharing!

-Mari Clarke


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