The Crafty Maven Getaway Podcast Episode 1

Aloha Crafty Mavens!! I have some really exciting news to share with you today, The Crafty Maven Getaway is now going to be doing a podcast!! Tanya Hubbard and I (Hannah L) will be co hosting with many of our design team members the episodes. We will be discussing crafting topics and talking about inspiration. We want to incorporate what we are doing on the Youtube into the topics we are discussing on the podcast.

I hope you are as excited as Tanya and I are, for now the podcast will be released every two weeks. We really want to produce interesting, thought producing and entertaining content for you viewers.

Today I am sharing with you our first Podcast!! You will hear some background info on the Youtube channel. We are also discussing the theme days on the podcast. Tanya and I talk about what our mission for the podcast is, besides just having fun and talking crafty/scrapbooking stuff together. We end the podcast episode getting to know each other a little more with some trivia about ourselves.

Here is the link to listen to the podcast.


Also if you want to keep listening to the podcast be sure to follow us on Podbean. This will ensure you don’t miss out when a new episode comes out. You can follow us through pod bean, at

Thank you all for your support and inspiration to start this new journey!! If it weren’t for all you viewers we wouldn’t be able to do this!!

Until next time stay inspired!!

Aloha, Hannah



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