Free Flow Wednesday: Victoria Marie and Inkie Quill

Aloha Crafty Mavens!! I hope your week is going well! We are half way to the weekend! That always help me going. I also hope you are enjoying the new faces on the blog, helping out. I love that all the Crafters on this channel are so involved in making this channel amazing!!

Today on the Crafty Maven Getaway we have two amazingly talented scrapbookers. Victoria Marie and Inkie Quill (Adele) have truly inspired so many of us, youtube and viewer alike. They are always thinking outside the box, encouraging us to do the same.

I love Adele. She always has something fun and amazing to share with us!! Today is no different.

Here is her process video.

You can see more process videos and other scrapbooking related videos on Adele’s personal Youtube channel. 

Also today Victoria Marie is in the house!!  As many of you may have heard, Victoria has been asked to be a part of the Scraptastic Design Team. I am so excited for her, this next part of Victoria’s scrapbooking journey is going to be so amazing for her.  I wish her so much luck, and I can’t wait to see all the things she will make for Scraptastic!!

Here is a little peak of what Victoria made for the Crafty Maven today.


I love all the gold!!

You can find lots of videos over on Victoria’s personal Youtube Channel.

I hope you were inspired today!! I hope you have that itch to create something today too!! If you do, show it to us, over at our FB group, The Crafty Maven Getaway Destination Group. 

Aloha, Hannah


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