In Your Pocket Tuesday: Froggie 251

Aloha Crafty Mavens!! For all my American Friends or Friends that celebrated Labor Day this weekend, I hope you have had a chance relax and recoup from the long weekend. It so feels like a Monday today but I guess when the weekend comes quicker I will be happy to have one less day in the work week.

Today on The Crafty Maven Getaway Kelly or Froggie 251, has posted a pocket page spread for us. I love all the soft colors she used on her spread!! And the title card with those flowers, is just gorgeous!!

I like how Kelly uses the Collect App for her photos, it allows you to collage your photos, but also add journaling under the picture. This helps giving you extra journaling space if you need it. You can learn about the Collect app here.

Here are some pictures of what Kelly’s Pocket page Spread looks like.



You can watch Kelly’s process video on The Crafty Maven Getaway YT Channel here.  You can also see more Project Life pages and other layouts on Kelly’s personal YT channel here.

I hope you were inspired today!! We will see you tomorrow with a couple of new Free Flow Wednesday layouts for you!!

Aloha, Hannah


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