In Your Pocket Tuesday: Froggie 251

Aloha Scrappers!!! There is rain all this week in forecast here in beautiful Hawaii. Thanks to the hurricane season, it is perfect weather to sit in the house and get some scrapbooking done. This week my goal is to work on my Pocket pages, I am really behind. Mainly it is because I have a hard time starting them, once I work on them I love them. Sometimes I find uses sketches a fun way to help me think of ways to arrange my cards.

Today on The Crafty Maven Getaway YT Channel, Froggie 251, or Kelly is working on here Pocket pages. I love how Kelly adds lots of photos and journaling. She is documenting summer so her spread is so colorful and bright. some of her touches just add such a fun factor to them. Like the wood veneer sunshine! Or the This Is My Day card in ombre colors!!

Take a look at her spread here!! You can also click here to see her process video on the YT channel.



You can watch many more videos, like this one and other layouts on Kelly’s personal YT Channel as well.

I hope you scrappers are inspired this week so far, It is only Tuesday but all I want to do is spend my time in my craft room, which can’t happen, but one can dream right?!! Don’t forget if you use our inspiration pieces or are inspired by the ladies posting link us up on social media!!! We want to see it!! Next week at the end of the month I will be picking another Viewer to Spotlight and win a small little prize!!

Aloha until tomorrow!!!


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