Spotlight Sunday: Asa Malm

Hello, Crafty friends!! I hope your had a great weekend! Today I will be sharing a little bit about Asa and I’m excited to get to know her better myself. You can find her spotlight video here on the Crafty Maven channel and her own personal YouTube channel here.

I love her scrapping style!


This layout is just gorgeous! I LOVE the attention to detail and the colors. That wave is so cool!









These layouts are simple, but include so much!! I love that she uses more than one photo on her layouts. Not in all her layouts, but a lot of them do. I’m a multi photo scrapper myself so when I see other people do it too it makes me not feel so alone. lol

Thanks for stopping by the blog today! Sorry this post is a bit late! I started it this morning and became so immersed in having a lazy Sunday that I forgot to finish it until I put the kids to bed! I hope you had a great weekend!! Here’s the inspiration piece for the coming week! I hope you’ll join us in using it in our scrapbooking!




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