Twerk It Thursday: Victoria Marie and Sarah Swann

Aloha Scrappers!! It’s Twerk It Thursday!! Are you in the mood to use a sketch today?!! I am sure I have mentioned this already but I love sketches!! When I started scrapbooking they were a really big help and start to learning what looks good on a page. Now I love them even more because I know I don’t have to stick with every little detail if I don’t want to. They really help when I am feeling crunched for time in my scrap area, but want to get a layout done that looks nice still. They also help when I feel I need help finding more inspiration too.

Today Both ladies on The Crafty Maven Getaway have used a sketch as a starting off point. I love both of these ladies and their style and can’t wait for you to see their style shining through even though they used a sketch. They used a Shimelle sketch from 2013, you you find this sketch and many more on Shimelle’s blog too.


Sarah decided to make a double layout with this sketch. She put a pocket on one side of the double spread to use for ephemera. I love how her layout turned out, it’s gorgeous!! You can check out the process video here. Sarah also has lots of great process videos on her personal YT channel.  Here is a look at her layout for today’s video.


The other Youtuber posting today is Victoria Marie!! I love how Victoria’s personality always hows up on her pages! You can watch Victoria’s process video here. Victoria also has lots of videos on her YT channel, she also is currently working through a scrapbooking tutorial series called Scrapping For Mortals. You can check out her YT Channel here.  Here is a look her Victoria’s layout for today.


Thanks for stopping by today to be inspired!! Tomorrow we will be back with Art Party Friday with me!! I hope you have a great day that is inspired by the things around you!!


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