In Your Pocket Tuesday: Scraps by Jen

Happy In Your Pocket Tuesday!!! Are you ready to pull out your pocket pages and get your daily life scrapped? What stories and memories are you going to be documenting this week? I love how this system of pockets makes it easier to remember those moments that happen from day to day. Things are aren’t the coolest to scrap on a big 12×12 spread or just don’t seem that important but is a part of your life.

Today for our In Your Pocket video Scraps by Jen is going to be sharing her process for creating her pocket page scrapbooking. I love all the fun color Jen used!!  I love how simple but her spread is, it makes me feel like this is something I could keep up each week. Even though it’s simple there is still so much detail!!


You can check out Jen’s process video here. You can also find more Pocket page style scrapbooking and other layout’s on her personal YT channel.

I hope Scraps By Jen has inspired you to use inspiration pieces as a way to unify your pocket pages, or just to sit down at your crafty desk and tell those day to day stories your family will be talking about for years to come.

Come back tomorrow for a packed day over at The Crafty Maven Getaway Channel. We will be having two YT posters tomorrow for twice the fun and creativity!! Can’t wait to see you back tomorrow!!


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