In Your Pocket: Hannah Lemieux

Aloha Scrappers!!! It’s In Your Pocket Tuesday!!

Today I am (Hannah) bringing my first video, I just started doing Pocket Page scrapbooking a few months ago and I really like using a moodboard when doing a spread because it helps connect each pocket together. This piece was so fun to translate onto the cards! I even got creative and made some cards using PicMonkey with their editing tools. I also used an app called Paint+Paper on my phone to create a few cards too. I was hoping that creating my cards before it would shorten the time I spent on my pockets (not sure it really did, but it was fun anyway). I also love the idea of making cards that mirrored the inspiration piece.

Here are some close up of cards I really like how they turned out!!



Here is the link to the process video on The Crafty Maven Getaway YT Channel. 

This is the link to my personal YT channel where I have tons of scrapbooking process videos and some pocket pages too. I love mixed media elements and lots of layers!!

Don’t forget to check out our new Facebook Group for the viewers and Yter’s to interact and share your work with us!! We have some fun and special plans brewing for that group too!!

See you crafters tomorrow for Free Flow Wednesday!!!


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